Our Doctor

Dr. Jamshid Tehrany has been successfully practicing medicine for over 45 years. His office is located at 91 New Dorp Lane, conveniently situated a mere block away from the Staten Island Railway station. His nicely appointed waiting room comfortably seats twelve and Dr. Tehrany treats more than several hundred patients a year.

“My philosophy is that the medical practice is a calling. Those who refer to themselves as physicians, their mission is to help human beings above all else,” says Dr. Tehrany.

He offers the following outpatient medical procedures, as well as many others:

Prostate cancer screening and biopsies of the prostate and bladder
 Minor procedures of external genitalia
The removal of small lesions, cysts and other general abnormalities of genitalia
Treatment of urinary tract infections

Dr. Tehrany began his medical career at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, School of Medicine, in his native Iran. He spent seven years studying medicine before graduating in 1967. He then joined the Iranian Health Corps as an army doctor and spent two years treating underprivileged families living in remote parts of the country bordering the Persian Gulf.

In 1969, he immigrated to the United States and spent one year at St. Luke’s Hospital in Pennsylvania. He then moved to New York City in 1970 and did a four-year residency at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn.

It was during his first year of training at Maimonides, as he rotated through different medical specialties, that Dr. Tehrany found his calling – urology.

“I remember falling in love with the gadgets and instruments, and the ability to examine the body’s cavities and correct abnormalities and diseases,” he recalls. From July 1973 to June 1974, he was Chief Resident of Urology, Department of Surgical Services.

In 1975, he joined another urologist at the office where he currently practices. Three years later, his partner retired and Dr. Tehrany has been practicing independently ever since.

Dr. Tehrany is currently affiliated with Staten Island University Hospital and Richmond University Medical Center. He previously held affiliations with Bayley Seton Hospital and the former Doctor’s Hospital, both on Staten Island, and the former Victory Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn.

Dr. Tehrany has twice attended post-graduate medical school at New York University, participating in conferences on male infertility and operative urology techniques. He has also participated in a continuing medical education seminar on prostatic carcinoma at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University.

In 1997, he traveled to Mumbai, India, to participate in a prestigious lecture and workshop on eurogynecology at the internationally renowned Oberoi Towers.